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Feeling stuck? Uninspired in life, career or leadership?

Not sure where to begin or the next step to take?

Hello, I'm Janine Milner, and that's exactly how I used to feel everyday. So I understand!

For years I dedicated my career to climbing the corporate ladder.


Yet, eventually I realised I wasn’t following my passion, my purpose. And I wasn’t happy.


What followed was a journey that saw me break free and build the life that aligns my talents and passion with my life’s purpose.


Why? Because I turn down all the internal noise and TURN UP the AMBITION to get you where you most want to be!

Together we’ll identify what exactly is behind those little voices telling you that you can’t do it, aren’t worthy, or are doomed to fail – and then we’ll turn the volume down, and replace them with a clear purpose and solid strategy for success.

I am an experienced  coach, mentor and leader and my programs include individual coaching as well as group programs – all based on my own journey to success and all designed to help you transition from where you are to where you want to be.


I specialise in:

  • Tailored 1:1 Coaching in Life, Career, Leadership & Business

  • Reconnecting with your inner purpose and passion

  • Turning your idea into a side hustle and beyond, so you can live life on your terms


Every journey is different; every goal unique; but every success story requires passion and purpose, and a strategy for success. I’ll help you find yours.

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Rediscover your passion & purpose

Aligning your work with your dreams. 

Tailored 1:1 coaching

It’s all about you: personal coaching for the extraordinary you!

From idea

to brilliant startup…and beyond!

It’s time to embrace that great business idea and lay the foundations of a sassy and successful side hustle.

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