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The day I realised my life’s true purpose was a day when career and work were the furthest things from my mind – but it was a day that changed my life completely!
Straight from university, I had entered the high-pressure world of finance, and set about conquering that famous corporate ladder.


Back in the day, finance was a male dominated industry, punctuated by long hours and a highly competitive atmosphere and it wasn’t too long before the stress and corporate game playing began to take its toll on my health and peace of mind.


Yet, despite being exhausted, I ploughed onwards and upwards. Like so many others, I had bought into the idea that achieving corporate career goals was the endgame. Happiness lies at the top of the corporate ladder, right?


Having achieved success in the finance world, I switched to IT and set about conquering this new industry. Up and up that ladder I climbed, constantly pursing the dream of an executive level career.


To help get me over the edge, and armed with a detailed five year plan for shattering that glass ceiling, I met with a career coach who asked me the one question that would bring everything I had believed about my career and my purpose crashing down.


“Do you really have the desire in your heart to achieve this goal?”


I was taken aback. I had never really stopped to consider things like what my heart desires. But the more I thought about it, the more the answer was a loud “No”.


Having the corporate career had been my dream since university, but as I had begun to experience life, my passion and purpose had shifted.


On paper, my life looked enviable: great career, fabulous clothes, wonderful holidays - which were all great, until I had to return to the corporate world and trudge through the same motions day in day out.


When I looked at my career life and the moments when I had been the happiest, it had always been when people came to me for advice, personal and professional, and when I was helping others pursue their own goals.


I began looking into careers that were more aligned to what had bought me happiness, but just when I was accepted into a Masters of Speech Pathology, my world was once again turned upside down.


My beloved mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, and all my efforts turned towards helping her through this challenging time.


On the night of my mother’s surgery I found myself sitting on the couch, eating a frozen dinner and contemplating my future.  And in a sudden moment of clarity, I realised my true calling.


And the strange thing was… it was surprisingly familiar.


All through my corporate years, I had been coaching people to find their voice, identify their passion and their strengths, and ultimately, aligning their work with their life’s purpose.


It was time to trust myself and take the leap towards connecting my own passion with my true purpose.


Soon afterwards, I launched JC Milner, the business in which I am able to combine my skills and experience with my true life’s passion and purpose.


My programs include individual coaching as well as group programs – all based on my own journey to success and all designed to help others transition from where they are to where they want to be.


I work with others who are right now where I once was.


I made my dreams come true – are you ready to make your dream life a reality?

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