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Every journey is different; every goal unique; but every success story requires passion and purpose, and a strategy for success. 

Hear what some of my clients are saying about my programs and services. 

"Janine is a really outstanding Life Coach – warm, insightful and practical. Professional in her demeanour, her coaching style is sensitive, intelligent and client centered. I approached Janine as I was struggling in certain areas of my life and felt truly ‘stuck’. By asking the right questions, Janine was able to help me clarify my values and uncover the ‘rules’ that were motivating me to move away from my desired outcomes. She was skilled in helping me gain renewed perspective and provided me with the accountability I needed to follow through with achieving the positive change I desired. Would I recommend Janine as a Life Coach? Hell, yes!! Janine has added so much value to my life and supported me grow in my personal development. What a great investment I made by working with her. An awesome Life Coach all round."

1:1 Coaching Client

Karen Lanyon

"I had been looking for a business coach for the last couple of years and no one has been able to click with me quite like Janine. She is very professional and courteous, and has a unique ability to help guide clients through internal (read noisy!) thought processes that get them to a place where they have the ability and capability to keep improving themselves. While I believe we have only scratched the surface of accomplishments for myself in the shot time she has been coaching me so far, I feel so much more sure and confident of my abilities and the direction my career can go. I look forward to working with her further."

1:1 Coaching Client

David Brent

"I am so very grateful I took the opportunity to work with Janine as a life coach. Her professionalism, passion and knowledge have really helped me move forward in my life. She has provided me with the tools I need to set me on my path of achieving my goals, at both a personal and professional level. Real, positive change and growth were evident from our first meeting. I am excited to head towards my preferred reality and am already enjoying the benefits and opportunities that are now opening up to me. I can’t recommend Janine highly enough. Thank you, Janine for this wonderful, life changing opportunity!"

1:1 Coaching Client

Karen Davey

"Janine is fantastic leader and is able to quickly and thoroughly understand any business and apply enhancements to the process in a manner that is highly engaging and commercially outcome focused. Janine is able to think through problems quickly and clearly and work with others to achieve key business outcomes, whilst at the same time maintain a fantastically vibrant and engaging personality."

Managing Director - Towcha Technology

Alan Holmes

"I had the pleasure of working with Janine Milner. She not only had a challenging project on her hands but also a team working through their first agile project. Her professional approach with both our project team and international vendor was welcomed as her leadership, methodology and mentoring skills shone. Janine knows her industry well and I would not hesitate to work with her again."

Managing Director - T.W. Digital

Tania Wilson

"Insightful and patient are the words that come to mind when I think about the experience I had working with Janine. We mentored IT postgrads at Monash University over their 10-week-long projects during their final semester in 2018. Janine shared her extremely valuable knowledge and insights acquired over the years from the industry in a convincing and easily understandable manner. Even when the students were confused, Janine would patiently explain the same principle in different ways and bring the team onboard. I would highly recommend Janine for any position that requires excellent communication and mentoring skills."

Teaching Associate at Monash University. 

Shan Li

Janine was my industry mentor for the final semester project at Monash. She provided highly constructive insights about the website that we had been working on. Her guidance was very useful and much appreciated."

Monash University student

Aditi Lohchab


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